CAJYUTTA can be enjoyed in various ways!

CAJUTTA Cocktails

Best-suited each other!

Create your own alcohol and alcohol-free cocktails with liqueurs and soda

Fruit juice
and liqueur

Fruit juice
and syrup

Fruit juice
and soda

CAJYUTTA Grapefruit jelly

Whole fruits served to your liking

1.CAJYUTTA a grapefruit.
2.Enlarge opening and add gelatin or agar, and mix.
3.Leave in refrigerator until ready to serve.

CAJYUTTA Sherbets and Smoothies

CAJYUTTA a fruit e.g. grapefruit, pineapple, orange

Enlarge opening and add sherbet, ice etc, Serve fresh.

Build on the uniqueness

A. It juices from within the fruit (blenders don't do this).
B. What it does now has a name; it is called to Cajyutta!
C. Don't limit the fruit choice to grapefruit only.
D. Non-oxidation as fruit is not exposed to air.

Registration of Industrial Property Rights International Patent No. WO 2015/001 882